All We Need Is A Little ‘Balance’

With the health of the whole nation under threat, all we need is a little #Balance. Thank you, w1curates.

Artwork: ‘Balance’ 

Strength, power and protection – is what she is purposely symbolising by placing her hands gently together. Her eyes are closed, displaying her thick fringed eyelashes and letting others know that she is emitting a unique harmony internally and externally. She is surrounded by an unmistakable gradient of Klein Blue which is radiating a sense of boundlessness and tranquillity. This aura is carefully contrasted by her bouncy, vibrant and energetic blond hair. Combined together, these are the perfect elements to trigger a visually stimulating and exciting experience. All these poignant aspects portray the perfect ‘Balance’ which encourages a moment of stillness and reflection in whoever may be viewing. Text: Luisa Manillo

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