Artist in Focus – Deborah Azzopardi


Has your art matured with you?

Experience is the best teacher of all. It  has taught me that my whole self, emotions and thoughts, are ‘in’ my work.   I think that’s what makes art powerful and reaches out to others. I wouldn’t like to be judged on any particular painting as it has taken me a lifetime of work.

Do you have a favourite piece of yours?

All of my art is my favourite!  The next painting is always the best and very exciting. It’s a constant feeling of loving the piece I just  finished and really loving the painting I haven’t yet started or maybe that I’m working on.

How quickly do you work?

I work slowly although I think  at top speed, I  can’t paint fast. Each painting can take 3 to 4 months to complete and that doesn’t include the preparation.

How do you feel when you work?

I am totally relaxed when working. Radio and audio books are wonderful company. There are many phone disruptions but my  biggest distraction is  the fridge.

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