Azzopardi Art Upholstery

” We have been lucky enough to work with the superbly talented Deborah Azzopardi in the past, and if you haven’t come across her bold and vibrantly colourful paintings before, then she is sure to become a new favourite. Deborah has become world-renowned for her distinctive pop art images which she has been producing for the past 25 years. Millions of people across the world have become familiar with her artworks which are sold through major international retail outlets including Ikea and Next, as well as various international galleries and auction houses such as Christie’s and Bonhams.

Deborah’s paintings and limited editions capture moments to which we can all relate, each of which evoke a snapshot from a story that the viewer is left free to construe. A woman’s finger insistently ringing a doorbell; a phone being slammed down with the caption “As always, she’s right!”; a woman in frilly red knickers searching for a lost earring; and long legs dangling out of a red convertible. Each image has a thought provoking title such as ‘Beach Party’, ‘Happy Birthday’ or ‘Monday Morning’.

Her images are fun, bright, sassy and wonderfully colourful, and invite the viewer to ponder the moments of turbulence, seduction and humour in everyday life that many of us share but few stop to notice. Turning the comic book genre on its head, Deborah paints glimpses of her characters’ personal soap operas, using a seriously sophisticated style.

Deborah Azzopardi Work


Now… what’s even more exciting is that if you are unable to afford one of Deborah’s original paintings..or fancy something a little bit more unique than one of her prints, Deborah has collaborated with Killymoon Bespoke Living to launch her first ever exclusive range of furniture and homeware pieces. Killymoon is an award winning Northern Irish based specialist in luxurious upholstery, and all products are handmade entirely out of solid wood and are completed using traditional methods of craftsmanship passed down from generation to generation. The company is owned and run by the Wilson family, who have been involved in the upholstery market for over 37 years, combining their wealth of skill and expertise into truly awe inspiring high quality upholstery pieces. And we can add to this that they are a really lovely, hardworking team!

Killymoon’s Director and Head of Product Design Stephen Wilson recently helped his company to win the prestigious Interior Designer of the Year award for 2010/11 at the Tatler awards in Belfast, and their luxury upholstery designs continue to receive rave reviews from across the marketplace. So a fantastic pairing we think!!!? Killymoon and Deborah launched their collection at the recent 2012 Grand Designs show, and so keep your peepers open for these beauties to reach the highstreet soon.. they are sure to cause a stir!” via: The Morning Edit

Deborah Azzopardi cushions

Deborah Azzopardi Upholstery


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